SharePoint 2013 : How to migrate SharePoint 2010 Style Workflows – Part 1

In this article we are going to learn the steps that are involved in moving SharePoint 2010 style reusable workflows from one site to another and I must say this a bit of tricky process all around.

The whole process of exporting SharePoint 2010 Style Workflow involves 8 steps as showing below in Process flow diagram which I will be going to deliver as a series of four articles-

Process Diagram


So we can see that we got to go a long way in order to accomplish the task of moving workflow from one location to another so let’s hit the floor

Step 1: Create Site Collections

In order to setup this demo we need to first create two Sites lets’ call them “Site001” (Source) & “Site002” (Destination)

So the task is to move a reusable SharePoint 2010 Workflow from Source Site to Destination Site.

So we created both Source & Destination Sites as per usual process as shown below:


3Step 2: Source Site – Provision Content Type

In order to develop a reusable workflow in the Source site we would be needing a Content Type to be provisioned first based on that we can be able to create the require reusable workflow

In order to provision the Content Type lets create a solution and add a content type based on our business requirements.

Here for the sake of this demo I have added a Content Type called Customers with just two fields “Work Address” & “Company Name”


Lets’ name the feature associated with this content type as “Enable Customer Logging”


In order to provision the Content Type we need to deploy the solution and activate the “Enable Customer Logging” feature


In order to verify if the Content Type is provisioned we can go to Site Settings > Site Content Types


Filter the content types by group “Custom Content Types”

We can see the “CustomerCT” Content Type available in the Site Content Types List


That is all for this demo.

We will be looking for Step 3 & 4 in Part 2 of this Series.


So guys just stay tuned 🙂


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