TypeScript: How To Install TypeScript Plugin for Visual Studio 2015

In this article we see the simple step by step process to install Typescript Plugin for Visual Studio.

Important to note that Typescript is already included with the base installation of Visual Studio 2015 but using the Typescript Plugin we can get the latest version of the Typescript SDK to be used with Visual Studio. Though we will consider Visual Studio 2015 in this demo but process remains the same for Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017.

We can download the Typescript Plugin from the following location-


As highlighted select required version of Visual Studio that you want to install this plugin on to.

We will choose Visual Studio 2015 for this demo


On clicking the link will take us to the Plugin download page as shown below-

Click download to start the download


You can run or save the file as required


On execution of the Plugin executable, Install wizard triggers and we can see the following screens

Agree the License Terms and click Install


Monitor the progress and proceed


Close the Setup once it is completed.


Now launch Visual Studio, create new project and we can see a project template under TypeScript Node as shown below:


We can use this template to start with a TypeScript Project.

Hope you find it helpful.

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