Looking For In-Person Trainings?

I am available for Freelancing assignments in SharePoint & PowerShell Technology Stack.

Currently I am delivering following In-Person/Skype Trainings. If you are interested, please share your requirements with me at: prashant.m.bansal@gmail.com

SharePoint Training5
  1. SharePoint 2013 – On-Premise Development Track
  2. SharePoint 2013 – On-Premise Administration Track
  3. SharePoint 2016 – On-Premise Development Track
  4. SharePoint 2016 – On-Premise Administration Track
  5. SharePoint Online – Development Track

PowerShell Training
  1. Getting started with PowerShell Development
  2. Advanced PowerShell Concepts
  3. Getting started with PowerShell for SharePoint 2016
  4. Getting started with PowerShell for SharePoint Online